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Internship Program

Program Design: Thank you for your interest in being an intern for PAL Campaign! We are a small business, making big waves in the Christian graphic apparel industry. We are a "double bottom line" company, which means that although being profitable is an objective, we have another bottom line based on our mission as Christians to evangelize. With your creative talent and contributions, we hope to continue growing and giving back in the name of Jesus. To learn more about our story and vision, check out our "Story" page at

The PAL Campaign internship program is a project based program, which means that each intern will be assigned a specialized, project based task. This can include the set-up of a social media channel, a highly strategic marketing campaign on Facebook, web design and programming, custom video creation, fundraising outreach, and more. The PAL Campaign intern will gain a variety of professional knowledge in this unique industry that combines business basics, graphic design, and pastoral ministry.

    • College Credit as Applicable
    • $100 worth of credit on
    • Perpetual 25% discount code for

Current Needs:
    • Facebook Page Specialist | Customizing a more enhanced e-commerce experience on Facebook business page
    • Pinterest Page Specialist | Creating and managing a Pinterest page for PAL Campaign
    • Fundraising Program Creation | Creating and implementing a fundraising program for colleges, high schools, ministries, and misc. ministry groups
    • Social Media Brand Manager | Creating a consistent brand identity on social media, with emphasis on Instagram
    • Online Product Management | Creating various sub-sections, product descriptions, and misc. website edits and additions
    • Event Manager | Creating a database of local, national, and international events for PAL Campaign to sell merchandise
    • Video Production | Creating video introduction to PAL Campaign's "Giving Back" business model
    • One Day Booth Reps | One day booth reps for PAL Campaign at various shows and conferences

To Apply:
To apply for this awesome opportunity, please fill out the form below!