Hello, nice to digitally meet you! Your presence makes all the difference, and I'm super pumped you're here. My name is Joe Kim, a Los Angeles based artist and ministry director. PAL Campaign is an ongoing vision and creative project of mine. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, my interest in art began with the reception of a sketch book, my very first Christmas gift at the age of four. The fruits of this humble gift would take many years to realize.

A series of fortunate events allowed me to graduate with a degree in Media Arts and Animation. Fast forward many years of meaningful work at boutique animation studios, freelance design gigs, and chance encounters with talented and inspiring kingdom builders for the Church, I was able to combine my love for faith and art in this creative endeavor.

Reflection. It is an interesting exercise in theological reflection to ponder upon the idea that throughout history, God has chosen to reveal himself within the self-imposed limitations of his own created world. As evidenced by the incarnation, God’s greatest self-revelation comes to us clothed in poverty, arguably in the form of the most helpless creature—the human baby. And while there are exceptions to every rule, God tends to have an affinity towards using the easily accessible, non-spectacular, and seemingly mundane to communicate to his people. In similar fashion, it seems that Jesus too was never afraid of the material world and its contents, often utilizing the ordinary situations, people, and cultural elements of his time to reveal his father and bring about the kingdom of God. It is this invitation to creativity, and acceptance of the material world that has animated and continues to embolden the Church to share their faith through both traditional and non-traditional methods. From stone tablets to digital tablets, and from papyrus scrolls to cotton t-shirts, the medium has always played an important role in transporting the Word and revelation of God to his people. The role of the medium in regards to truth, is to channel the intended message and content, not to dilute or change it. So in this continued call to discipleship, evangelization, and imitation of Christ... art, and in particular, fashion, becomes a creative medium not only through which faith can be expressed and communicated, but one in which the wearer, and in some cases the audience, receives an opportunity to be led into worship.

Vision. The Church has always been a steward of great beauty and truth. Continuing in this tradition, PAL (Peace and Love) Campaign seeks to create art that does not sacrifice great beauty or Gospel truth. PAL Campaign's products find their home, and speak their truth in the everyday items that reach all who are hungry and all who are thirsty... the t-shirts, the accessories, the coffee mugs. Through these modern day galleries, it is my hope and prayer that faith and inspiration come alive, that evangelization and longings for Jesus take place.


Me RN. I am the creative director for PAL Campaign, director of campus ministry for St. Francis High School, graduate student at Loyola Marymount University, son, brother, friend, sinner, and hopefully... a future saint.